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New Resurection

Single No 4 released


Single No. 4: “New Resurection” is a punk-rock tinged song about a dance craze that is sweeping the nation. CJ Bongo Danger’s unhinged guitar riffs lead the charge on this reckless rocker, featuring lead vocals from Pepe Peligroso, doo-wop backgrounds from Rory Danger, Professor Potts and Digits Danger’s driving bass and piano (respectively), and D’Ranger Danger’s raucous drums, giving you a song that is about to careen off the rails, but somehow manages to stay on course.



Single No 3 released


The Age Of Invention is nigh, and nobody embodies the spirit of modern technology more than the bad boy of innovation, the Elvis of electricity, the Colonel of currents, the one and only Nikola Tesla.

Today Rory Danger and the Danger Dangers and Qualtox Inc presents

Single No. 3: “Shocker”

a seductive homage to Nikola himself penned and sung by our very own vixen of voltage Rory Danger.



Edna's Pair-O-Dice

Single No 2 Released

Rory Danger and the Danger Dangers and Qualtox Inc are happy to announce the release of single No 2. 
This recording had an unusual path of creation.  It was penned by Spencer Bohren and sung by SPIKE DANGER back in the 1980's.  After their passing in 2019 a taped solo performance was discovered by D'Ranger Danger. After listening we all agreed we wanted to put it on the Age of Invention.   We added some drums, bass, and tack piano.  Enjoy Edna's Pair•O•Dice. 
Here is the spotify link, other streaming services are available HERE